Monday, 31 December 2012

Old Year - New Record

Some 18 months ago I noted that the year list record for Methyr Tydfil CBC stood at just 99 species. Surely it was possible to record over 100 species in a single year? Well there was the challenge for 2012. I was not alone, however, in targeting this record as one of my comrades in arms, and the holder of the current record, Mike Hogan, decided to "race" me for the record.

Well, we're at the end of the year and my total?


Mike, however, has reached 115 (or at least claims 115 species - no one has see his list, yet) - a superb effort.

Both Mike and my list will be posted shortly but the two most notable misses were Osprey and Common Crane.


  1. I take it this is a chicken free blog?

  2. List for 2012 was 113, missed out on woodcock for one, a bird I had 7 hours too late at Blaincanaid. Most of the larch has been felled and that may be the reason we didn't hear redpoll or crossbill.