Sunday, 27 September 2015

Bits and Pieces

A few photos from the last few weeks.
Skylark trying to hide

Small White

Red Kite

Red Kite

Red Kite

Common Hawker

Martin's new designer label

Sunday in the Sun

Phil almost stepped on this Field Mouse up on Cwm Cadlan, there were two present and were very close to going up Phil's trouser leg.

If I ever wished I had a better lens it was now, these two Kites put on a brilliant show and we watched them for about 10 minutes  .
Phil said this reminds him of a fellow Valley birder and I could not put a finger on which one .
I went up behind Sierra Pines too look for some Fly Agaric which I found last year but they were broken and all over the floor. There was a real big one which I think would have been the biggest I have seen. Also there was patch which looked like spiders and on looking closer found these to be Earth Tongue Fungus.  I put it on Facebook and they said it's Green Earth Tongue, a new one for me and one I have never heard of it .

Before that victory

A quiet day yesterday, but great to catch up with Mike up at Llwyn Onn.

 The Fly Argics are starting to fruit.
 The impressive Hoverfly Sericomyia silentis
Giant/Large Willow Aphid, from Fendrod Lake, Swansea.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Rhaslas landfill

Not much on the pool so wandered over to the dump/old railway, only goldfinch and an interesting wheatear, not as interesting as my buzzard but almost. I only had 30 minutes before I was wanted somewhere else and couldn't get an under wing shot/view. It appears to possess most of the credentials necessary for an Issy, but after September BB I'm not 100%. I have to go back to work so wont be able to check it or other images until about 21:00 hours tonight or tomorrow a.m.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Valley twitch

Just seen a post on Glam Birds of a Cetti's at Tir Founder

More blast from the past

White Billed Diver on the Hayle Cornwall 2007 we got it before we got out of the car and what a bird.

This little cracker was at my second home Dawlish Warren 2001 Long Billied Murrelet and I thought it was Marbled Murrelet .

Upland Sandpiper at Kingston Seymour Somerset 2005 and what a cracker. I saw it in November and remember there was a hard frost there.

East of Cantref

Yesterday late afternoon I was checking the Taf Fawr reservoirs, as I arrived at Cantref north a bird high above the east ridge caught my eye. It was distant, in partial silhouette with the white under tail coverts gleaming white, goshawk like, which as I climbed out of the car I assumed it was. The bird turned slightly revealing a gleaming white rump, ringtail like. I got my bins on it briefly trying to get a look at the uppertail but no luck, it just got higher and more distant, took a couple of shots for the album and then it was gone. Another interesting buzzard heading towards Waun-wen. Also c35 mistle thrush blown by the north wind southwards but not much else.

On Monday crawling through Cwm Cadlan I came upon a birder/togger near the west cattle grid who had just had a ringtail. I stopped for a chat and the bird returned giving good, but brief views quartering the hill to the north. He was a Cynon Valley boy, who didn't know any of you lot, probably his parents had advised him to keep away. His name is Gareth, I think Davies and he's got his own site; with some good stuff on it, well worth checking out. In November I'll be wearing mostly cerise!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Weeknd round up

I went to Merlin Court Water Falls near Resolven and it was a great looking falls. I not been there for twenty years, the woodland was amazing and looks a very old wood. I found this black fungus growing on a fallen tree and was very pleased too find out it was Dead Mans Fingers and a fungus I wanted to see after missed id Earth Tongue last year.

After finding Alder Tongue last week in Dare Valley Country Park I was planning too go back to Penmoelallt Nature Reserve to look for fungus so I thought I would look for more Alder Tongue and found a Tree with loads on it, the most I have seen so far. It was strange there were about ten trees in row and only one had it on it .
I also found this fungus growing on a Log pile and was the same colour as Mike's travel bag. It's called Neobulgaria Pura a very smart fungus and new to me .

I also found this fungus growing under a wooden seat, it's Glistening Inkcap and looks more like some old Suger Puffs. Last one I was up there 6 weeks ago with my daughter and saw a Lizard sitting a fence post so when we was there we thought we would check again and found these two sun lovers sitting in the sun and enjoying the afternoon sunshine, it's only place I have seen them sitting on fence posts.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Past from the past

This was a great time in my life and had great fun Dormouse surveying with Mike and Geri, it was always exciting and you never knew what would be in the box. It ranged from bird nests or Yellow Necked Mouse, Geri is holding one, they always had to be handled with care,  they would bite you very hard if not careful. Mike even found Bats in the boxes too. It was a great pleasure too see these very secretive Mice, how  they live and where they live .
Always great too handle and this was little one below is being weighed and measured for the survey .

Me checking  through the nest too see if anybody home.

This looks curel but the only way not too get bitten.
This is Geri doing stand up at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Mouse does the talking and what he say's put  a answer on a post card please .
These little nest is the Dormouse nest for the winter .

Sunday, 20 September 2015

just larking about

A vist to Pant Norton yesterday afternoon after coaching pulled in a juv Whinchat and several Yellowhammer. On the Insect front, I found an Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillar, and both Common and Slender Groundhoppers.

Off to Uskmouth and Goldcliffe this morning. Quiet around Uskmouth but much busier at Goldcliffe with the two Little Stint, Spot Red and several Ruff still around.
Moving over to Boat Lane, I noted some ramblers moving below the see wall in the restricted area. fortunately there was little birdlife to disturb, but the did put up a small group of Skylark. I had a quick look at these and as they banked I noticed one had a very short tail. It was noticably smaller than the others and lacked the white edge to the secondaries. A Woodlark.

On getting home, via my parcel depot (Phil), I found a Vine Weevil Otiorhynchus sulcatus just outside the front door - an ideal subject to test out my new toy...


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hummer in Cwmbach

It was with delight and not a little relief, that I saw a Hummingbird Hawk-moth nectar briefly at some lavender, in a client's garden, this afternoon. As is often the case with them, this one was present for less than a minute, before shooting off like a bullet.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Some good birds in VC41 today, the best I could find however were 9 black-tailed godwit which paid a very brief visit to the mid east bank of the pool late afternoon. I was at the north west corner which helps explains the state of the image. If you squint hard enough you can see them, honest.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Coughs and plugs

In much better weather than anticipated/forecast I took a walk, with a mate, from Rhossili over to Llangenneth and back. Highlights were at least 17 Chough on Rhossili Down, 4+ Silver Y's on the walk from Llangenneth through Braughton Burrows and 2, new for me, Pugs on the wall of the Worm's Head Hotel back at Rhossili.

 The first is a Cypress Pug
whilst the second, smaller, I think is Double-striped Pug. I am, of course, open to any corrections.