Monday, 21 September 2015

Past from the past

This was a great time in my life and had great fun Dormouse surveying with Mike and Geri, it was always exciting and you never knew what would be in the box. It ranged from bird nests or Yellow Necked Mouse, Geri is holding one, they always had to be handled with care,  they would bite you very hard if not careful. Mike even found Bats in the boxes too. It was a great pleasure too see these very secretive Mice, how  they live and where they live .
Always great too handle and this was little one below is being weighed and measured for the survey .

Me checking  through the nest too see if anybody home.

This looks curel but the only way not too get bitten.
This is Geri doing stand up at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Mouse does the talking and what he say's put  a answer on a post card please .
These little nest is the Dormouse nest for the winter .


  1. Brings back good memories, as you say the dormouse were easy, common wood mouse ok but if you were working with yellow neck eventually you are going to get bit. My boss at Royal Holloway did have the record for yellow neck c55 gms, that's rat size but with an attitude problem. I remember giving Geri a yellow neck to process and it bit him through the bag, brilliant, blood everywhere.

  2. yes Mike Great memories and i thought Geri had that mouse so hard his eyes were going to pop out .