Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Couple Shots From Last weekend

 The Mute Swans are doing real well at Abercwmboi Lake and are still keeping their distance at the moment which I think is a good thing.

Saturday afternoon after work  Me and my two dogs headed up to  Bryn Du, the sun was out and it was buzzing with life and actually felt like summer for a change. There were loads of Common Hawker on the wing, I also found one Common Darter which I thought was something better but shows we are all still learning .

The biggest surprise was this Brimstone Butterfly and shows how brilliant it camouflages it's self in the leaves. It took some finding when it landed. I have been looking for Elephant Hawkmoth Caterpillars everywhere and finally found two in two days, its always nice too see this cracking looking caterpillar .

I found this fungus and it could be one of three, it looks like the Sickener but will not be surprised if I am wrong, there was loads growing in a pine wood .Also last of all this puffball type any ideas please, it reminds me of the Golf Ball Chewing Gum I had when I was a kid.


  1. Puffball looks like Spiny or Hedgehog Puffball, Lycoperdon echinatum. Great finds with Elephants

  2. Cheers Martin and i have not heard of them,

  3. Paul Denning as spotted i messed up and it,s a Southern Hawker and not a common and thank you paul for point out whoops