Saturday, 12 September 2015

Nice Surprise

Decided this morning to do my WEBS a day early.
Arriving at a very wet Pwll Waun Cynon just after 7 o'clock I found the lake very difficult to observe has the vegetation was so overgrown, well over head height. This amounted to only three species being observed and 6 birds in total. 4 Moorhen, 1 Mallard and a Teal, poor pickings indeed.
I decided to go into the back field and see if I could get a better view but if anything it was worse. I walked over to the river to see if I could get Kingfisher or Dipper but with the water levels so high I was not expecting much and I was right no birds seen.
However whilst standing on the bank I noticed some movement to my right. On closer inspection there was a Hummingbird Hawkmoth feeding on some plants. I watched it for a few minutes then got the camera out. You guessed it, it decided it was camera shy. No photos but I was over the moon, it's been a few years since I saw one.


  1. Nice to know they are in the valley, Phil. There was one reported from Cardiff on Thursday, so worth keeping an eye out for other migrants too.

  2. Nice one, that's another sp I don't think I've seen this year. Mind you, it's a good job you didn't take Rob, you could have lost him.