Saturday, 12 September 2015

Orchids and punks

Did my WeBS this morning, which turned out to be quite quiet. Last weeks walk round Parc Taf Bargoed showed a large number of Mallard, so I was hoping to get over the 100 mark today. Unfortunately the local fishing club had decided to clear the lakes/ponds of weed during the week and the disturbance looks to have moved a lot of the Mallard on. Last month I totaled 99, this month 35! Little Grebe numbers were up to a round dozen.

Following coaching session in Swansea, I headed off to Kenfig to look for Autumn Lady's-tresses. On reaching Sker, it took me all of about 5 seconds to find my first and I counted over 100 spikes before giving up.
Whilst take the above shot, a Clouded Yellow flitted past without stopping.

Walking back to the pool through the dunes, I photographed one of the many darters as it didn't look right for either Common or Ruddy - the photo suggests it might be a Red-veined, which would be a tick for me.
The pool itself was quiet, with only Mute Swans and a single Moorhen on it, though a Kingfisher provided a splash of colour.

The walk back to the car park produced a Painted Lady and a hoverfly tick in the shape of Syritta pipens (check out those thighs).
Finally this rather colourful punk catterpillar was spotted on Bracken. It turns out in adult form it's not quite so colourful as its the caterpillar of the Vapourer moth.


  1. A productive visit, by the sound of it. I must try to get down there to see those Autumn Ladies Tresses, as I have never seen the species.

  2. It was the first time I've been for them. Most are going over, so if you are looking to get them this year, make the trip soon