Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Weeknd round up

I went to Merlin Court Water Falls near Resolven and it was a great looking falls. I not been there for twenty years, the woodland was amazing and looks a very old wood. I found this black fungus growing on a fallen tree and was very pleased too find out it was Dead Mans Fingers and a fungus I wanted to see after missed id Earth Tongue last year.

After finding Alder Tongue last week in Dare Valley Country Park I was planning too go back to Penmoelallt Nature Reserve to look for fungus so I thought I would look for more Alder Tongue and found a Tree with loads on it, the most I have seen so far. It was strange there were about ten trees in row and only one had it on it .
I also found this fungus growing on a Log pile and was the same colour as Mike's travel bag. It's called Neobulgaria Pura a very smart fungus and new to me .

I also found this fungus growing under a wooden seat, it's Glistening Inkcap and looks more like some old Suger Puffs. Last one I was up there 6 weeks ago with my daughter and saw a Lizard sitting a fence post so when we was there we thought we would check again and found these two sun lovers sitting in the sun and enjoying the afternoon sunshine, it's only place I have seen them sitting on fence posts.


  1. Not as pink as Mike's travel bag.

  2. The photo's might of come out a bit pale/washed out when in reality the fungi were a hockingly shocking pink!

  3. It's cerise! how many more times must I tell you.