Wednesday, 23 September 2015

East of Cantref

Yesterday late afternoon I was checking the Taf Fawr reservoirs, as I arrived at Cantref north a bird high above the east ridge caught my eye. It was distant, in partial silhouette with the white under tail coverts gleaming white, goshawk like, which as I climbed out of the car I assumed it was. The bird turned slightly revealing a gleaming white rump, ringtail like. I got my bins on it briefly trying to get a look at the uppertail but no luck, it just got higher and more distant, took a couple of shots for the album and then it was gone. Another interesting buzzard heading towards Waun-wen. Also c35 mistle thrush blown by the north wind southwards but not much else.

On Monday crawling through Cwm Cadlan I came upon a birder/togger near the west cattle grid who had just had a ringtail. I stopped for a chat and the bird returned giving good, but brief views quartering the hill to the north. He was a Cynon Valley boy, who didn't know any of you lot, probably his parents had advised him to keep away. His name is Gareth, I think Davies and he's got his own site; with some good stuff on it, well worth checking out. In November I'll be wearing mostly cerise!

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  1. Hi mike i had a look at his blog but not working just photos