Sunday, 31 March 2013

as simple as A bee see D...

With a 3rd Bluethroat being found at Portland yesterday, plans were laid for a group twitch. By 05:00, 5 of us were speeding away from South Wales towards the Dorest coast, Mark Dutfield taking Mr Bevans seat, as he was dog sitting! As usual, Mr Bell failed to see the roadside Barn Owl, this side of the Severn crossing.
Arriving at Weston about 7:15 we quickly made our way to the site were the bird was seen the previous day. within 5 mins Phil picked it up and over the next 40 minutes we all enjoyed great views of this little beauty. A lifer for Mark, and a Brit tick for the rest of us. Additional interest came in the shape of at least 6 Black Redstarts, inc at least one stonking male.
We then walked around Barleycrate and Reap lanes, where a single Wheatear and Blackcap looked to be the only migrants on show until we had almost got to the bottom end of Reap lane when the ploughed field contained a further half dozen or so Black Red's, a number of Redwing and a male Ring Ouzel.
The Bill and Obs, themselves, were rather quiet, so we stopped at Ferrybridge for lunch. As it was a high tide the only waders seen were a small group of Dunlin, a couple of Ringed Plover and a small group of Turnstone. At least 4 Sandwich Terns put in an appearance while there was a large number of Red-breasted Mergansers with a few Brent Geese on the Fleet.
On to Lodmoor, where Mike failed to believe us that the car park entrance was very narrow until he turned into the the entrance and was lucky to just catch one wing mirror. The Spoonbill was quickly located, initially asleep with its head tucked in, but soon actively feeding. As usual we got into conversation with some local birders. When they found out that we were from South Wales they asked which part of England was that in - to which Phil instantly replied "the part that can play rugby" (touche!)
At Radipole, a Yellow-legged Gull was squabling over bread with the Herring Gulls in the car park as Sand Martins hawked over the lake. The long walk to the North Hide, saw Mark pick up for the hoped for drake Garganey, but no Marsh Harrier.
A late decision on the journey back to try for the Twite at Aust Wharf failed to connect with the birds and also failed to catch up with any Short-eared or Barn Owls.

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  1. Birding aside we had a cracking day out i havn't laughed so much in ages(the last time was when i saw Matt Evans year list) Mike's face when he almost customized his car was priceless and Phil's reply to the birder at Lodmoor was so sharp i'm surprised he didn't cut himself and as for the a,b,c,d comment you had to be there eh Mart!!!