Tuesday, 28 May 2013


The planned trip to Norfolk over the Bank Holliday weekend looked doomed from the outset as Martin Beven couldn't make it, then Phil had to drop out, in favour of a family trip to Mull! Things got even worse when I took a phone call around 10pm on the Sat evening (about 2 hrs before depart time) from our booked accom wanting to know where we were - Yep the stupid old git that I am had booked the wrong night!
Never the less, myself Mike and Rob set off just before midnight looking to make RSPB Lakenheath just after 4. Sure enough we pulled in at 4:15, to an already busy car park - a Savi's warb' had been found the previous day. After a coffe and bite to eat we walked up through the reserve picking up singing Cuckoo - we were to see at least 4 on the reserve and a couple of Groppers. Near the top end a male Red-footed Falcon was sitting, looking miserable on the top of a shrub. The Sav's twitch could be seen but we carried on along the river bank. A Turtle Dove was heard purring and I eventually scoped it across the river (in Norfolk).
Shortly afterwards a Crane was seen in flight by myself and Rob, but Mike, who needed it for his British list, couldn't get on to it. We refound it in a field across the river when we walked back down, where it showed well.
On to the Savi's twich and as we approached the main pack I heard the Savi's sing, from close by. Bins up and I picked up a warb flit info a willow scrub were it showed its broad rounded tail and extensive undertail coverts before giving a short burst of song. It then flew into the reeds very close to ourselves, showed well for a few seconds before skulking away.  Brit tick all round - and a well deserved Tunnock coming up later.

The main purpose of the visit to Lakenheath was to try to get Golden Oriole for Rob's Brit list. We did hear the male sing, but couldn't locate it in the Poplars.

On the way back t the car park Mike called a female Pied Fly, but Rob and me could only see a pair of Whitethroat and a female Chaffinch. However a "brown" 1st summer Pied Fly was later reported from the same area, so Mike was right after all.

The reserve was absolutely packed with birders down for the Red-footed and Savi's, with large number of toggers, one of whom caught Mike's eye with an enormous lens which he had lying in a baby's pushchair!

From Lakenheath we made the short journey across the border into Norfolk, to Weeton Heath. Within seconds of entering the hide I picked up the first of 4 Stone Curlew (Brit tick no 2 for Rob). We also enjoyed the antics of a couple of stoats bouncing about the field, diving in and out of Rabbit burrows. Mike picked up a Spotted Fly on leaving the hide - they are very proud of their spotted fly's at this reserve!

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