Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Shrike in the dark

I've been worked off my feet since returning from holidays and have had little time for galavanting around the country. What time I have had I've dedicated to searching for two-barred crossbills around what we've got left of our commercial forestry, = 0 and just 2 common crossbills in total. Anyway had a great grey shrike this afternoon at 16:05 hours at Lower Neuadd, distant, dark and crap even for a record shot. Very little at Garw Nant but winter wildfowl numbers increasing at Rhaslas (17/11/13);  pochard[8],  wigeon[20], tufted[29].


  1. hi Mike I did Garw nant on sunday . There were four Crossbill by hide and thats all I found.11 tufted duck and willow tit by the Garw nant drive out.

    1. It seems really quiet at the moment, more birds on Fuerteventura. They reckon 2 barred use rowan when larch isn't available, I live in hope. See you