Sunday, 16 February 2014

Why did the Partridge cross the Road?

As I had an athletics meet in Birmingham today, and needing to be there by 8:30am, I did my WeBS yesterday - no reappearance of last months Water Rail, but both pair of Dippers look to be well into breeding mode.(4 is an unusually high number, apparently for this species). After that I took a walk over to Nelson Bog where the highlight was 4+ Willow Tit.
On to today. The drive up to Birmingham was enlivened when a Red-legged Partridge walked across the M5, followed not long after when a Glossy Ibis flew across, the later about a half mile before the junction with the M5.
Athletics duties over by 11:30, and it was off to Hams Hall to catch up with the wintering Hume's Warbler. Park up, kit on, walk down to join the other birders, there it is, nice - and it more or less was about that quick. It certainly showed a lot better than the Dorset bird from a couple of years ago even though it wasn't that much closer. after watching the Hume's on and off for about half an hour, I spent an hour or so wandering around the area, but nothing of note was seen.
On the way home I pulled into Rhaslas (about 4:40) to see if any SEOs were making the most of the pleasant weather. Unfortunately, no SEO's, but there was a distant male Hen Harrier. Ducks on the pond were - Wigeon (21), Goldeneye (9), Goosander (5), Tufted duck (2). A single Curlew dropped into the pond, while overhead 100+ Carrion Crow, 1600+ Starlings and 2000+ Jackdaws were impressive. 

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