Monday, 20 October 2014

Fungus in the valley

 I found this shaggy parsol in Abernant and I thought it would make a good shelter for Rob.
This is a new Fungus for me Cauliflower fungus and this was in Abernant also.
 Alder Bracket fungus down in Peace Park.
 I have no idea what this is but I thought it looks different,
The innner of the caulifower looked like pasta or dog sick. I walked passed it and noticed it on the way back. I thought god I am getting blind. Also Dare Valley country park had nine Ring Ouzel yesterday, there was a good mixed group of sexes, the best being three cracking males. All were feeding in hawthorn and seen in one tree at the same time and there could possible have been more.


  1. That's where Rob has been hiding out. I thought he had summered in Devon. Come to think about it I haven't had a decent cup of tea since I last saw him !!!

  2. Nice pics Mart but can i have my umbrella back.

  3. Nice photos, Martin. The last but one is a Peltigera lichen, probably P. lactucifolia (very common).

  4. Cheers mark great looking Lichen