Friday, 26 December 2014

Fungus in Robertstown

Velvet Shank

Collared Earthstar present.

Still loads of Jews about .


  1. Nice group of Velvet Shank. Martin. Are you sure it was Jews Ear. The fungi in the photo look more like Exidia recisa, though it's difficult to tell from a photo, so I might be wrong.

  2. that what i thought growing elders as well. i foud it on goat willow over tir founder ,

  3. I've found Exidia recisa growing on a few other trees, as well as its usual host, Sallow, but to confuse matters, I have also found Jews Ear in Robertsown (the other side of the river) growing happily and abundantly on Sycamore. There is another Exidia, found mostly on Oak, called E. glandulosa. Exidia is just translucent jelly, shaped like a bracket and are only to be found in periods of unsettled, wet weather. Give them a few dry days and they shrink to a small shiny patch, looking like a dab of dark varnish on the twig, on which it was growing, whereas Jews Ear shrivels when dry, but remains recognisably Jews Ear