Monday, 26 January 2015

Healthy Sunday walk

When Phil was looking for the shrike I was in match stick lichen heaven.

 Dare Valley country park ,one of the six Little Grebe present.
 nice pair of Goosanders

 This flock is going up slowly but I am still waiting for the Pochard to turn up .

This little beauty was taking a bath .


  1. I think you must have photographed the same lichens as I did, on Sunday. The second one on the left, in the top picture looks awfully familiar.

  2. bit it,s great stuff mark and i cannot get enough of it .

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  4. I was up at the shrike site, while you and Phil were looking for grouse. I looked at the grouse site and wondered about it, as I have neither seen nor looked for Grouse, for quite a number of years.

  5. it was freezing up there but a good walk .so you got the shrike ok than .we felt like now you see me and now dont .it flew off high and turn up on perch out of know where.

  6. The whole time I was there, it was on the same dead tree. I saw a nice dog fox too.