Monday, 13 February 2017

Sunday Morning

After a heavy night on the pop, the thought of going back to Wern Ddu with Phil to try for the Red Flanked Bluetail made me get out of bed. Failing for the second time though was not good and the woods looked like a scene for the Deliverance and I was waiting for the Banjos to start playing in the background. It was freezing but it was great to see some familiar faces and do some catching up. I saw two birds more than last time but still no joy with the Bluetail and as the saying goes third time lucky. Mad to think it showed an hour after we left.
Next stop was the bay and Dudley Street but nowhere to park so we moved onto Cossie. On looking through the gulls I spotted F 168, we saw him a couple of weeks ago, a Herring Gull from 2015 and I also found two Black Headed Gulls with rings on but I could not make out the numbers. I was talking too a Alexander Hagge and he had the same two on the Taff Estuary and could not read them. He said they were from Lithuania and could get no more ID on them, it seems a good chance they were the same birds, someone else said he could make out EX70 on mine so who knows, always next time. It was great to see the adult med gull was still present, it was blending in well with the Black Headed Gulls and a first for the year. Last stop was the near Cogan Woods for Marsh Tit which we picked up fairly easy and so ending another Sundays birding.

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