Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Slim pickings

Not much free time the last month or so and when I did get out, usually in the wrong place and/or the wrong time. Called in at Rhaslas this morning and hopefully passage is kicking off with 2 dunlin and a single common sandpiper present. At the Neuadd on the 5th a very vocal juvenile common sandpiper and several keeled skimmers using the rush shrouded streams where once a reservoir stood. At Talybont reservoir on the 1st 3 common sandpipers and 3 little egret. Moth wise a shark in the garden trap on the 28th June was a tick.


  1. It's donkey's since I last had a Shark. All pretty mundane in my garden trap and as for trapping outside of the garden, I appear to be having an unplanned and unintentional year off; at least that's how it seems.

    1. I also appear to be having a year off Mark, haven't had a full day out all year. In the garden I've had 3 new ticks including the Shark; Clouded Magpie & Anania lancealis. Also adult Lesser Redpoll occasionally visiting bird feeder throughput the summer; 1male & c3 female but alas no juv's.