Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Crossbills: has any one seen or heard of any lately? Also Hen Harrier male appears to be roosting at Rhaslas for, at least, the last couple of nights.


  1. hi mike. I said for the last six months there are no crossbill about.I Have been lots place and no sign

  2. The last sighting I had was on the 7th August with just 1 bird at the north end of Llwyn-onn. 2012 appeared to be a good year in Merthyr with sightings from Garw nant in the north to Parc Taf Bargoed in the south. But this year just nothing, I've checked with Mark Evans and zero, Mark & Tim, Welsh Water rangers who have been checking their beat from Llwyn-onn, Usk at Trecastle, Talybont then back to Llwyn-onn via Pontsticill and the Neuadd and they to have seen nothing for months.

    I emailed Daniel to ask if he or the BTO had noticed a sudden decline, he hadn't and was going to ask around. I also emailed Andy King but still waiting a reply. It may be a natural phenomena but I can't remember a winter when I didn't see any. If anyone hears anything can they please post.

  3. I've not seen Crossbills in the Rhondda this year.

    BTOs BirdTrack report for Crossbills can be seen at

    Hope that's of interest.