Saturday, 16 February 2013

Taxi Driver for Rob Gaze

Yesterday after my tribulations in Goa I decided to get back to some normal activity, so I taxied Rob down to Lisvane to see the Black Throated Diver.
We pulled into the car park and were met with two birders looking through scopes, that's looking good we thought and indeed it was. Cracking views for everyone, all be it at the far end of the reservoir, the bird just sitting there preening for 15 minutes and then some action as it started diving looking for food. Things got even better when I got rewarded for my good deed when Rob supplied a Chunky Kit Kat ( Thanks Deb, know it was you really ).
The car park was getting quite full now with fellow birders so we decided to try Canada Road for Waxwings, where we duly dipped. Better to watch Waxwings from your kitchen window.
Nice enjoyable few hours even if I had to put up with Rob's awful puns.

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  1. Nothing wrong with my puns and the kitkat was out of date!