Sunday, 2 June 2013

whoooh gives two hoots!

The monthly wander round CCF produced less birds than of late - probably due to the greater leaf cover. Only one singing Wood Warbler - have the other three moved on or are they mated up and singing less? only 3 Spot flys seen - disappointing for a site that usually has some 9+ pairs - perhaps the remained are on their way - given the 1000+ that went through Portland Bill yesterday, it looks like a lot will be late onto territory.

One glaring omission from my species list for this site has been Tawny Owl. Finding a recently moulted primary gave me hope that at least one could be found. In the end I flushed a pair while looking for Slow worms and Adders (found neither). I did, however come across a Longhorn Beetle (Rhagium mordax).

A wander round Parc Taf Bargoed after finishing in CCF found 1 Mallard with a brood of 6 newly hatched ducklings. There were 3 Reed Warblers singing in the settling pool reeds (a site record) and Small copper and Dingy skipper on the wing.

Two Slow worm's (an adult and a 1yr old) were uncovered close to home, along with two toads.

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