Saturday, 6 July 2013

A good night out

With warm clear skies and a clear diary, yesterday evening was the first time this year I had the opertunity to get out looking for Nightjars, a couple of text messages and phone calls saw Mr Hogan join me for a nocturnal sorjourn. Work being done at the Gethin CP car park meant it was a walk up, rather than drive. Arriving up on the ridge around 8:15 we had a wait of over 2hrs before the first churring was heard - in the same area as last year. Mike picked up the male "singing" from the top of a distant Pine stump. Result, but better was to come when, as we carefully made our way back to the road, the male flew right past us (within 2 m of mike) before dropping down to land behind a stump, some 4m away. Some quiet calls suggest that there was two birds greeting each other. About a minute later the male flew off and resumed churring. About as close to a proven breeding record as you can get without actually proving it. - Awsome


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