Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Excape time

Had a few hours free today as parents wanted to shop in Cardiff so had a quick visit to Llwyn Onn - next to nothing - before heading up to Bryn Du - a new sight for myself but one of Mr Bevan's regular haunts.
Bird life quite quiet, though a couple of Crossbills flew over. Checking the small pools failed to turn up any of the Keeled Skimmers Martin had a couple of weeks ago, but there were plenty of Common Blue, Azure, Large Red and Emeral damselflys. The ponds were full of Ram's Horn snails, water boatmen and diving beetles + at least 1 Leech in one of the ponds.
Due to train delays I ended up with some spare time when I went to pick the folks up from Abercynon station, so wandered across the brown-field site in Navigation Business Park. Several Common Blue's, Sliver Y's, Six Spot Burnet and Lead Belle's were the highlights until a single Bee Orchid was found.


  1. great find martin . Keep the good work up.

  2. Wrong ID - rather than Lead Belle the moths were Shaded Broad Bar