Sunday, 16 March 2014

Catching up....

A bit of a catch up of the past few days.

Drove over to Tenby on Thursday to catch up with the Great Spotted Cuckoo, that Phil and Rob had gone for the previous day (and dipping on the celebratory Tunnock in the process). A wander over the headland also produced a pair of Chough and a close in Red-throated Diver.

Yesterday I looked round Swansea Bay before coaching duties but neither the Eiders nor the Ring-billed Gulls were to be seen. Following coaching I decided I couldn't face watching my team take a kicking, so decided to bird Whiteford point. I might have been better watching the rugby as the birding was pretty slow. Highlights was probably a flock of 13 Crossbills, the biggest flock I've seen in Glamorgan for well over a year, that took off from the pines closest to Cwm Ivy. I had at least 3 earlier, inc a very big bright male, in the pines closest to the point. Waders were poor, with only Curlew and Oyks in any number. No Redshank, Knot, Ringed Plover, Sanderling or Snipe!. Wildfowl, were even worse with only 52 Eider, 2 R-b Mergs, about 100 Shelduck and 300+ Brents.

This mornings WeBS was typically quiet for March.

This afternoon I did the first of the Heronry visits. Only 7 confirmed nests and 3 probables is typical for this point in the cycle. As the chicks hatch and demand food, more nests will no doubt be confirmed.

I did score well with Butterflies today, with 20+ Small Tortoiseshells, 4 Peacocks, a male Brimstone and 2 Green Hairsteaks.

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