Sunday, 30 March 2014

New for garden

Record shots of the best in the garden trap last night was, what I believe to be, Zelleria hepariella which apparently is the 3rd record for the square ME having recorded the others.


  1. Bang on, I'd say Mike. I've just finished performing major surgery on my generator. I was out with it last night (21 species, including 147 Common Quaker), but the reves were oscillating wildly and at each through in the, the lamp would flicker and almost go out, but luckily never did.
    I had the engine in bits (literally) today and couldn't believe the amount of carbon build up in the exhaust and inside the cylinder. The exhaust port was almost completely blocked by it and even the piston rings were cemented rigid by it. So a couple of hours giving it a good de-coke and then cleaning the carburettor, plus flushing loads of unburned two stroke oil from inside the exhaust and it seems to be running okay now. Time will tell.

  2. By the way. Shouldn't this post be somewhere else? You know, I hardly like to mention it, but ...

  3. By the way, by the way. I now have two shiny keys to the Taff trail. I see Rolf and Gill are almost your neighbours now.