Monday, 30 June 2014

bloody buses

After picking up my first Goshawk and Kingfisher for the year on Saturday I had to wait all of 2 days for my second for each.

On the walk to the station this morning I heard, then saw, a Kingfisher dash up the Taff. Then just before I boarded the train, alarm calls from Mistle Thrush and Magpies alerted me to a fly past male Gos, complete with Magpie in it's talons.


  1. Hi martin . could you give the area where the orchids are and any tips as I would like to see them .cheers

  2. Yeah no prob. You remember where Phil picked me up to go to the Naturetrek presentation in Navigation Business Park, across the river from Abercynon railway station. The orchids are in the plot that is opposite the last office (going towards the station). None are particularly tall, about 8 inches max, and can be hard to spot amongst the clover's etc.

  3. Cheers martin . Me and phil so them tonight and they are starting to go over.Great find butt.