Saturday, 16 August 2014

An Afternoon Out

The weather not being sunny or warm enough to do the butterfly survey I had planned, I went out instead to revisit an Alder Moth caterpillar I'd previously found at Werfa (Abernant).

Alder Moth in the characteristic pose it adopts when disturbed.

Having taken a few more photos of it I had a wander around the site, looking for anything. Trying to photograph a micro, which I think is Apple Leaf Skeletoniser and if so would be the fifth county record, on a plant of our native Goldenrod, I noticed a caterpillar lower down the plant and recognised it as that of the Star-wort, a species I had only previously seen as and adult in VC42. Having photographed it I then noticed a second Star-wort caterpillar lower down the same plant.

A poor shot , but the only one I managed to get of a very reluctant subject.
I'm pretty sure this is Apple Leaf Skeletoniser.


Taking a stroll away from Werfa, up into the forestry, I came across a patch of Gorse alongside the track, so searched for Gorse Shieldbug and after a while discovered this one, feeding on a bramble leaf.

Gorse Shieldbug

As I moved away, I noticed red on the faded flower of Black Knapweed, which on closer inspection turned out to be this lovely Rhopalid bug Corizus Hyoscyami. Sorry about the poor photo.

Corizus hyoscyami

Further up the track were a group of Angelica plants in flower and on one of them I found what at first I thought was the small orange spotted tortrix moth Pammene aurana, but I soon realised was probably its close look alike Phaulernis fulviguttella. If confirmed, this will probably be the second record of this moth for Glamorgan. Again, I have to apologise for the terrible photo.

Phaulernis fulviguttella (probably)

As for birds, there was very little about except for immature Buzzards calling incessantly and Chiff Chaff, a Willow Warbler or two and a Blackcap, all calling from the scrub.


  1. Some nice shots and nice to see someone else looks down at plants as well.

  2. Barry Stewart has just confirmed my identifications of the Apple Leaf Skeletoniser and the Phaulernis, so thats a fifth and second, respectively, for the county.