Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Weeeeeeeee bit more of Slimbridge

It was a top site for Moohen and there must be hundreds there, nice too get close views and this one got the reflection of the Flamingos in the back .
If this Rare Duck turned up on a local pond or lake would you know what it is, most would think hybrid actually it's the Baer's Pochard ,
This looks like where Slimbridge keeps their Smew and are getting ready to release them in the UK somewhere and could be how they released the Wilson Phalarope too. Hope they get a fresh batch in soon as I need it on my UK list too pmsl.
It.s alway nice too see Great Spotted Woodpecker and too get a shot and also would like too see Cranes in the Cynon Valley big time. This Lapwing was so tame and it was great to get so close to it. We watched him feeding and it was like he was listerning for worms like Blackbirds do.

These cheeky Robin was in the hide and waiting for is share of Doughnuts so I fed him and he came so close to me I thought he was going too help himself.
This very smart Chilian Wigeon was nice bird too and I remember a person from Porthcawl who wanted to tick the one at Dawlish Warren a couple of years ago and I did not have the heart to tell him and mostly probably it's still on his list .
Who needs Turkey when the Wood Pigeons are this big, it was well stuffed.
The Eiders displaying were great to watch and we found out later the wild Greater Scaup was in the pen with the eiders so we returned later to find it in amongst the not so wild Scaups.

Best bird of the day was the Coot, not as many as the Moorhen but look at the feet on this bird always great to see.


  1. Nice pics Mart glad you managed to get coot on your year list,who's card did you use to get in and still so bitter over that UK Wilsons.

  2. Rob you would think that he would be over the Wilson's by now. That bloody Robin had more doughnuts than me. Card wise, just say he had to shave his hair.

  3. Yes i will be over it one and still nice too get coot out of the way for the year rob