Thursday, 31 December 2015

Couple Shots from the Festive Period

I had a good walk up around Garw Nant and saw very little. I checked the North Plantation where I found some Dogtooth Lichen and another nice patch of Match Stick Lichen also a shock to see the forest block where the cormorant roost had been felled.

Also me and Mr Hill visited Llangorse Lake, saw lots of water, some nice birds and got home to hear find we had missed a Iceland Gull, Yet again we could not find the local Great White Egret.
On the 30th myself and my daughter thought we would vist Forest Farm. It was a nice sunny day and my daughter wanted to see a Kingfisher. We got there fairly early to find the hide chocablock with no room at the inn. So we thought we would go to the other hide to look for George the local Great Tit and found him staight away. We went to the hide for a peaceful watch and found 13 common snipe sunning themselves in that rare thing called sunshine. We were then joined by a group of toggers and god they were noisy so thought sod this and left for the valleys and some peace and quiet .

In the afternoon I went too Bryn Du and got 11 Common Crossbill. I found this Goldcrest on a post and on looking closer it had no head and was still warm and thought maybe I had just missed a sparrowhawk .

Last one I found this Yellow Brain fungus on a dog wood this afternoon, I have not seen it on dogwood before. Last thing HAPPY NEW YEAR BOYS AND ALL OUR FOLLOWERS.


  1. The same to you, Martin and everyone else. I saw a patch of Matchstick Lichen at Graig Pen-rhiw-llech, in the country park and thought of photographing and posting it on here as a seasonal treat for you, but guessed you would post some of your own, so gave up on the idea.

  2. thank you mark and happy new year too you to and any sign of this rain stopping

  3. Not much chance. According to the met office, for us in the west, the unsettled, sometimes stormy weather is likely to carry on throughout January. If you moved to Kent, you would have more chance of drier interludes. In my garden, although 2015's rainfall total of 2001.60mm wasn't remarkable, December broke the record for the highest total I've ever recorded, in any month (I've been recording precipitation in my garden since 1994), with a depressingly impressive 505.55mm. In other words, a quarter of the whole of 2015's rainfall fell in December.