Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Day at the Ravens

A chillier morning than we've become accustomed to, so an uncomfortable hour and a bit at the raven roost, but I was determined to get it out of the way, given the forecast of continuing unsettled weather.
 They began leaving at 07:20, which seems a reasonable time, but it was still almost dark and I had a real problem seeing them for the first twenty minutes, until it became light enough. The total of 95 wasn't the worst January total, but I've had much higher January counts. I was pleased to see a couple of Woodcock fly by me and hear a couple more, as they headed off to their day roosts, or more concealed feeding sites. I completely failed to see any in November and December.

As for the Ravens in 2015, it can be seen from the table below, that they had their best ever year, despite their roost being now very exposed to the prevailing winds and the threat of wind throw of the roosting trees that brings.

The above chart shows a nicely sinuous rise in numbers to a summer peak and then a decline through the autumn; spoiled only by a slightly puzzling dip for July.


  1. Nice bit of work mark and nice too hear there are Woodcock about and keep the great work up.

  2. Thats a big jump on the average numbers this year. Great work.