Saturday, 23 January 2016

Dog toothed Lichens

I've been trying to get to grips with some of the Lichens that are noticable at the moment. The Dog-toothed Lichens, Peltigera, look to offer a good starting position. So far I've managed to identify 3 species.

The commonest is P. hymenina, which as well as being the most commonly recorded Dog-tooth in the west of the UK, it is characterised by the large number of Sordia it produces  These are the raised red spore bearing protuberances at the edge of the leaf. P.rufescens is also characterised by the large number of sordia, buth in this species they are wider than they are long

 Slightly similar is P. membranacea, but this is easilly identified by the uneven surface, reflecting the pattern of the veins.

Less common, but easilly identifiable is P. neckeri. The dark Sordia being the key point to note.

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  1. If you look amongst the vegetation on the ledges at the top of Morlais quarries, in the general area of SO 0485 0909, you will find the rare and distinctive Peltigera leucophlebia. It is fairly abundant up there, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding it.