Saturday, 2 January 2016

more owls....

With this afternoon providing the best chance of getting some action from the SEO's at Llanrhidian Marsh, I headed over after coaching duties in Swansea. As soon as a pulled up at 14:30 I had a ring-tail Hen Harrier and a distant SEO - I didn't even have the bins out at this stange.

On getting the scope set up, first one, then a second GWE was found, before a brief glimse of a second hunting owl was noticed. It was a 4-5 minute wait before the owl reappeared and it was one of the local Barn Owls - taking full advantage of the dry window. All targets picked up and it was only 14:45 - 15 minutes when I had been expecting a long wait for them to to appear.


  1. Mikes Short Eared Owl was there tonight same place and showing well at 3,20 and hunting on both sides of the road

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