Monday, 4 January 2016

Blast from the Past and Extremadura

This was our first group trip Phil, Rob and myself. It was a brilliant trip and was a great taste of Central Spain. We saw loads of White Storks nests, there were everywhere and even seen some on the ground at Arrocampo. We found a road where there we lots of Woodchat Shrikes on fence posts.

 This bridge was covered  in Crag Martins Nest and was amazed too see so many.
This tart tick was one we all needed and was heaven to get and a cracking bird to boot.
More Storks nests and most trees seemed to come with a nest. We visted Monfrague twice which was a great place and took a hundred and thirty five steps to get to the top which gave a fantastic view of the surrounding area.
Sadly took lots of shots but this Bee eater was out of focus also a Great Spotted Cuckoo where it's supposed to be. We saw lots of them in the end, we would hear Magpies alarming and the Cuckoo would be somewhere about.

The brilliant old town of Trujillo was a great place too be based from .


  1. Good memories, I will have to figure out how to put the trip report up on the site.

  2. As Phil said great memories especially that weight watchers big mac without the fries!

  3. Yes phil i could not find it for the dates and great times andcan not wait for the next chapter lads and some more big burgers .