Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Couple more shots from Sunday

We got there nice and early and had the Lesser Scaup in the same place as last year. Was amazed by the number of Tufted Duck present on site also found a good variety of other ducks which were Pochard, 3 Teal, Gadwall.  4 Shoveler, 1 female Wigeon  and also had a few Great Crested Grebes. One pair were starting to display, poor things must think spring is around the corner. Also present was 1 Little Grebe. It was also interesting too see some of the Mute Swan were wearing rings and must have be done by local ringing group. We found one Common Gull in with the Black Headed Gulls. I noticed a small noisy White Duck, it did not shut up all the time when we were near it and I have been told it's a Callling Duck or Decoy Duck and are descended from Mallard and first bred in the Netherlands in the 17th century. A Bantam Breed and a bit smaller than our Blog Member Mr Gaze and just has noisy. We found Cogdon Wood with the help from Wayne Strong and his directions were spot on and no sooner had we got to the bench birds appeared very fast wanting food. We almost  had a Blue Tit on the hand and within minutes the sneezing call of Marsh Tit was heard and two birds give fairly good views. Also Jays were coming in for a look so they must come there for food regular too. It was a new site for me and one I think needs a second vist. Last off was a trip to Lamby Lake too look for Med Gull. On getting there the carpark was full and there was a burnt out car in the car park, not a great start. On getting to the lake we found it was full of anglers and bird wise was very quiet apart from a couple of Mallard and small numbers of Tufted Duck. Other birds seen were 1 Great Crseted Grebe, Coot, Mute Swans, Canada Geese and a handful of Black Headed Gulls. I had taken bread to feed the gulls and has we had saw Gulls on the river on the way in we headed over there to check for Med Gull. On getting there we so about 50  Black Headed Gulls sitting on the mud with a few Redshank. We decided to go up on the Bridge and look down steam and found good numbers of Teal on the river bank, some more Redshank and about dozen Canada Geese. I then decided to throw the bread off the bridge and there was about two hundred Black Headed Gulls coming in to feed on the bread giving brilliant flight views but still no Med Gull and one we will have too save for another day .


  1. That's a sneaky photo of the Lesser Scaup (last years).

  2. I took it when you was looking the other way pmsl

  3. Rob take pity on him he's twice your size