Monday, 18 January 2016

The long walk

A relatively short trip - only as far as the Gower - this Sunday for the crew (sans Mr Gaze, off galavanting again!) for the long walk that is Whiteford Burrows - probably the best birding site in Glamorgan. Brief glimpses of a Woodcock and Barn Owl from the front of the car - missed by both myslf and Phil in the rear seats - as we made our way to Cwn Ivy.
The walk out was fairly birdless, but we did manage to find 3 Jack Snipe along with several Common Snipe. At the point there were around 40 Brent's, and a close in Great Northern Diver - we managed at least 5 of these. Just a single, female, Eider was in the vicinity of the old lighthouse. After a coffe break, we tried, unsuccessfully for the Snow Buntings that have been around for a few weeks, but drew a blank.

Heading back over to the hide, we met up with the throng from Glamorgan Bird Club, out on a field trip, including Jeff Slocombe and Pete Morgan, who had seen one of the Snow Buntings earlier. They both wanted to refind the bird to try to get some better photo's so we walked back round the point, eventually getting to the "Lapwing area" where a pair were found, providing a photo opportunity.

From Whiteford, we headed over to Llanrhidian Marsh for the Owls and Harriers. A Merlin and Peregrine put in early appearances, before two Great White Egrets showed distantly. Eventually, a ring-tailed Hen Harrier flew past to end the day.


  1. Nice to bump into you lads yesterday, enjoyed your company on the walk back and well done to Martin Bevan for spotting the Snow Buntings.

  2. Cheers Jeff and it was nice too catch up