Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bits and Bobs from the week or was a Do Di

I called into Dare Valley Country Park before work in the week and found this beauty, it's a Tachina Grossa and has always a bit of a mouthful.
Next I found this wasp feeding on hogweed and I ID it as a Tree Wasp and I was happy with that. Then someone said it looks more like a Common Wasp to me and now I am stumped. It looks more like a Tree Wasp to me and any answers would be great.
Yet another day before work I went over to Abercwmboi lake and found this Wild Carrot and thought the seed head looked great. The mute swan have still got all six young and looking pretty big now. When I was walking around the back I heard a Raven call and looked up and had four Ravens have a bit of a barney and then a flock of Ravens went over which came from the Cefnpennar Golf Course direction and went off  towards Maerdy. There was thirty three in total and nice to see big numbers away from the tip. The BTO site would be going ape and saying unusual high number.
Nice too see the Sweet Chestnuts are out and its feeling more like autumn every day. The only Odonata on the wing was this Common Blue Damselfly.
Last of all I was on Facebook and I noticed someone had had a Collared Earth Star already and I thought I better check my site. I found this large one, it was pretty dark tonight and there could be more on the site and will check tomorrow when it's a bit lighter.

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  1. Right on Swebrec web site it say record passed and Tree Wasp