Sunday, 21 August 2016

Chill out sunday

After remembering last minute it was the WEBS Sunday and with the rain stopping I went down to Tir Founder to do my count. Apart from a calling Water Rail it was pretty quiet. I got soaked walking up the side of the river as it was all over grown, I did some break dancing and almost fall over in a puddle. But still carried on and found this Cormorant in a tree by the river, he was there two weeks ago as well and thought he looked great with the Himalayen Balsam in the background. When I got to the Ynys sports fields there was lots of Lesser Black Backed Gulls, smaller numbers of Herring Gulls and a nice surprise was a first year Black Headed Gull and than some sod let their dog go through them and the Black Headed Gull was gone on his way. When I got to the canal I spotted these adult and juv Wood Pigeons feeding on the Elderberries, it was nice to see the difference between adult and juv. When I walk past I always look for the Brown Trout in the canal but was really surprised to see this Pike, a nice sized fish, I did not realize they were in there, I been told they are in Abercwmboi lake but had not heard of any here.

In the afternoon my daughter  Kathryn and myself went over Llanwonno and down to the reservoir. On the way down we found this female Southern Hawker and on looking closer could see it was missing some of is upper wing and it was great to get really close to this dragonfly and little did I know was going to be the only one of the trip and I have still not got my Golden Ringed Dragonfly.

Posted this in wrong place and in my garden today and Voucella Pellucens
Back in the forest and aways nice to see this Blue Hoverfly and Leucozona Glaucia.

some more Leucozona Glaucia.
I thought this was marmalade Hoverfly and on looking closer think it's Meliscaeva Cinctella.
Also down by the reservoir we found this Elephant Hawkmoth Caterpillar, it was stuck between two twigs and was drooped over, it looked dead but when we touched it you could see it was still alive. We got the sticks of it and its body soon filled out and you could not see it had been thin in the centre of the body anymore and it was fine.


  1. Almost falling over in a puddle is no good, if you are going to do a job at least do it properly. And what happened to "I am definitely going to Site A this Sunday".
    Pike have been reported in the Cynon at Mountain Ash as well.

  2. I was like barney Rubble driving his car and it was very close and this puddle as had me in the past.

  3. I haven't seen Golden Ringed either. In fact, the only identifiable dragon I have seen, this year, was a Southern Hawker; which is pretty poor even by my standards!

  4. Yes very and i thought i was having a bad year on dragonflies.

  5. yes phil it was a weeeeee bit windy sunday and i heard two pike were shot in mountain ash .