Sunday, 22 September 2013

2nds at Weobley

Back to Weobley Marsh today. This time, however, with Phil, and this time over high tide. Result - a bit more about. The walk down/out produced a good number of birds in the small reedbed, several Reed Bunings, Wrens, Willowchiffs, (prob Chiffies, given at least one could be heard sining in the woods behind), a family party of Stonechat and at least 2 Sedge Warb's - unfortunately, we got enough on them that we couldn't string them as Aquatics! Several waves of migrating Swallow moved through heading Eastwards.

Out onto the saltmarsh proper and Mipits were every where, certainly a lot more than yesterday. A Small flock of 12 Lapwing were close to the track, but soon moved further away. Small groups of linnets and Starlings flitted across the merse, while two Peregrines were picked up sitting on the top of the old lookout tower - prob the same pair as yesterday.

We made our way out to the shingle ridge, flushing a number of Snipe, to catch up with the waders. The peregrine's, however, decided a wader or two would do nicely as a breakfast snack, and put the flock up. Only a small part of the flock eventually returned to the ridge, consisting of about 80 Dublin and 40 Ringed Plover.

After no waterfowl yesterday, around 100 Pintail, a few Mallard, 5 Wigeon, about 20 distant Eider and a single Shelduck made it on to today's list. Golden Plover had increased to 20 from yesterdays 6. Around 100 Blackwits flew into roost further upstream - the biggest number I've seen on the Gower side of the Lougher.

While on the ridge we were joined by Matt Hunter, from Swansea area, who had cycled over. As the tide ell we decided to see if we could get closer to the mail group of waders and after walking about 2000m we were about 400m nearer the main flock! but these were dissapearing into the distance as they folowed the retreating tide out, so we weren't able to get a good look through - though I did see one with an all white rump, A Curlew Sand in all likelihood, but I didn't see it land, so it remains unidentified.

Stopping off by the reedbed on the way back produced 3 Green Sand's plus the Reed Bunt's and Stonechat's from earlier.

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