Sunday, 22 September 2013

(not the) Glam Bird Club trip to Llanelli

After coming off Woebley Marsh, we decided to head over to Llanelli WWT, where two Grey Phalaropes had been seen yesterday. On making our way to the entrance, we were confronted with something of a queue, and immediately in front of us were fellow Glam birders Jeff Slocombe, Dan JJ and Wayne Morris.

The Warden kindly allowed us to jump the queue (we all showed him our membership cards!) and as we made our way to the British Steel hide we passed a number of the Carmarthen birders who informed us the one Phal' remained as did the long staying Lesser Yellowlegs. Into the hide, and we couldn't find either bird. Some perseverance paid off and the Lesser Yellowlegs was soon located, though in deep water, so the legs were not easy to see. The Grey Phal' then swam out from behind some rushes and we enjoyed good views of both birds. Matt Hunter, joined us after cycling over from Woebley, as the Grey Phal' was a tick for him.

A check on the news services showed that we'd prob had a better day than the official club trip to Portland - the club seem to be a kiss of death to the Ob's every time it goes down - which was running this weekend.

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  1. As they were heading home from Portland news came out of a Barred Warbler and a Turtle Dove!