Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Further musings on gulls

Whilst doing my Heronry count this evening I noticed several gulls drifting down the Taff valley. As they approached Merthyr Vale they started circling. Nothing unusual in that. As it happens the valley narrows somewhat just south of Merthyr Vale. After a couple of minutes one of the gulls, an adult Lesser Black-back peeled off and flew down the valley fast, it was quickly followed by a second. When they reached the fields by the Devil's tooth they slowed down and resumed a more gentle drifting flight down the valley. 5 mins later another pair did the same, but later three Herring Gulls took a different option, rising higher before drifting down the valley. With Peregrines and Goshawks seen regularly in the area - a Peregrine was seen drifting over earlier - I wonder if the gull's were aware that the narrowed area was somewhere were these raptors could ambush them as the flew past and were taking evasive action to avoid ending up as an evening meal.

Back at the heronry, a number of the young birds are looking ready to fledge.

My first Willow Warbler was heard singing and 5 Swallows were over the fields - surely that makes it Summer now!


  1. Also heard my first willow warbler today, sorry Mart it's still too bloody cold to be summer!

  2. I had a Speckled wood yesterday and it did not feel very warm and so are the butterflies adaping to the weather.There samed to be alot reported yesterday in uk.

  3. Butterflies can work happily by absorbing the radiant heat from the sun to warm them up. An ambient temperature that would have us moaning about the cold wouldn't be too much of a problem to a butterfly, as long as there were sufficiently long or numerous sunny spells, to allow it to bask and warm up. every now and then.

    You could well be right about the gulls responding to a potential danger area. Most of the gulls flying down the Cynon valley avoid the narrower part of it, by climbing high and heading off over Llanwynno.