Monday, 28 July 2014

A couple of local flowers

 Some more shots of the Broad Leaved Helleborine.

 I found some Fennel on the Chicken factory site last week.

 Any ideas on this one it's growing over by Abercwmboi Lake and is everywhere.

Last plant we found by Clydach reservoir on side of forest road and I also saw it up at Graig Llyn..


  1. The yellow one from Abercwmboi lake is Wild Parsnip. It also grows on Lletty Turner's. The bottom one is Ivy-leaved Bellflower.

  2. Top marks mark I put the shots on facebook and they said the same.I also found Pale Toadflax in Robertstown .How common is it .

  3. There are loads of records for Glamorgan, though all bar one are in West Glam. I found it growing at Hirwaun sidings three or four years ago and I notice that Tony has it growing in his garden. I have also seen it alongside the tracks at Cardiff central station, so I am guessing it has made its way up here via the railway.