Saturday, 12 July 2014

Any Ideas

 Yes Rob I know it's a flower. It looks like Dark Mullein any tips. I found it in Robertstown.


  1. You're probably right, Martin. I saw those there last Thursday, when I popped in to see the White Letter Hairstreaks. I meant to look it up but forgot.

  2. Have you seen it any where else in the valley and did you get the hairstreaks.I was there thurday or friday first thing in morning and the first one showed at eight thirty and I had three in total. All sadly above the tree line.

  3. I could see you'd been there. I was there late afternoon, by which time it was quite windy. Even so, I saw one flitting around the top of one of the trees, but only briefly.

    No, I can't recall seeing it anywhere else.