Sunday, 27 July 2014

Life and death

Forget, the Masi Mara, great drama watching the interaction of preditor and prey can be had almost anywhere, if only you look hard enough.

On a visit to Crymlin Burrows yesterday, I was entertained by a couple of hunting masterclasses from a Red-banded Digger Wasp and the sheet web spider Agelena labyrinthica.

Also of note was a superbly large Longhorn Aromia moschata

Before heading to Crymlin Burrows, I had a couple of hours seawatching from Tutt Head. Highlights were 2 Storm Petrels heading up channel. at least a dozen Harbour Porpoises were feeding over an extended area.


  1. Like the photo of the Longhorn, cracker.

  2. Wow, the Musk Beetle! Nationally Scarce B and certainly something I dream will one day grace me with its presence. Steve Bolchover will be very interested in this record. Let me know whether you have his details.
    Stormie and Porp records also very nice. I had 6+ Porps from Kenfig Dunes Saturday morning but none from Port Talbot Harbour Sunday afternoon. If you get a chance send me your Seawatching period on Sunday and I can feed it into a local Harbour Porpoise surveying effort.