Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dive, dive dive....

A trip up to Llwyn Onn this morning showed the 2 Great Northern Divers, found on Friday, were still around. A Little Grebe and a Tufted Duck were the only other birds of note. Fungi were much in evidence with plenty of Fly Argic's (Is it just me, or are they more common this year?) along with several new species for myself (easily done as my list is not that long) which looked to include False Chanterelle, Wrinkled Club and Butter Waxcap, plus a couple of un i'd species.

Butter Waxcap
False Chanterelle
Wrinkled Club


Yesterday, a day out to watch Wales at the Millennium Stadium, was notable for a single, small bat, probably a Pipistrelle, flying around the stadium, disturbed from where ever it was roosting by the noise surrounding the teams coming onto the pitch

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  1. I was up there this morning as well and mark was up cwm cadlan,