Sunday, 30 November 2014

patch tick

Picked up a long overdue tick for Coed Cefn-fforest this morning. In a large flock of Chaffinch (100+) that were well spread out, I managed to pick up three different Bramblings - an adult male, a first winter male and a female. The whole flock were very flighty, but not surprising as a male Sparrowhawk had just taken one for it's brunch and the remains of a fresh Gos woodpigeon kill - the blood was still liquid - was close by.
A Gos was seen later (the same bird?) over the common. These have been scarce/very shy over the past 18months or so, so good to get a visual.
Not long after I had some fly over Crossbills, heading towards Coed Merthyr Vale.  These follow 6 seen on Friday at Letti Turner.Like the Gos, Crossbills have been thin on the ground for the past 18 months, so perhaps numbers are building again.

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