Thursday, 20 November 2014

Llwyn-on and Cwm Cadlan

Thanks go to Mike for confirming that the GND were still at Llwyn-on, so having finished a job early in the afternoon, I nipped over and saw one of them, the other not being in view while I was there.
On my way back, via Cwm Cadlan, I stopped for a while, about a hudred yards short of the cattle grid, near Blaen Cadlan Uchaf farm. There was a male Stonechat in the rough pasture and snipe was heard giving its alarm call, but not seen. In the fields near the farm, there were redwing and fieldfare, while over the moorland beyond, a pair of red kites, then a pair of buzzards. I was on the verge of leaving, when I saw the thrushes go up and saw something moving over the field in front of them, but before I could get the bins on it, it had disappeared. I waited another ten minutes or so and there it was again, much closer: a lovely ring-tail (my first hen harrier of the year), which then went on to give me great views, before working its way up onto the moorland to the north and disappearing over the horizon.

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