Monday, 30 March 2015

Butterflies from the Pyrenees

With the weather and temperature so up and down we had problems finding Butterflies and lots were seen when travelling to the mountains which looked like Large and Small Whites. A stop at a garage got us a dozen Speckled Woods. For me the best butterfly of the trip was a Large Tortoiseshell which was a great surprise and a welcome tick found at Valdiello Dam, the only one of the trip. Also at at this site I had a fly though Hummingbird Hawk Moth which was the only sighting of the five day trip. Also seen were Small Tortoiseshell at Villanua Quarry and a Bergers Clouded Yellow "we think" and at Riglos we got a couple of Wall Browns.We also got lots of Green Striped Whites on the plains at EI Planeron which is the Duponts Lark site. Last of all was a Painted Lady at Llobregat Delta.

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