Sunday, 15 March 2015

Llan Wood, Cosmeston and Cardiff Bay

Martin Bevan and myself decided to nip over to Llan Wood near Pontypridd and have a look for Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. As is the case when you go looking for such a bird you dip frequently and today was no exception. In fact the wood was very quiet overall today.

Martin then suggested we go down to Cosmeston and have a gander at the Lesser Scaup. The bird was found straight away at a distance about the same as the Little Bunting at Forest Farm, 2 yards away. Walking around we found at least 9 Chiffchaffs, observed a Great Crested Grebe catching quite a big fish, two Mute Swans having one hell of a fight right in front of us and also
 Lesser Scaup
 Great Crested Grebe with fish
 Great Crested Grebes displaying
 Various Black Headed Gulls

 Mute Swans fighting

had a chat with Cliff Woodhead.

We then decamped to Cardiff Bay to look for the Little Gull and the Bonaparte's Gull. Walking in we met Alex Bevan who told us there had been no sign of either. We had a quick chat, he gave us a quick run down of his Ethiopia trip. Sounded really good. No sign of either gull for us either, it did not help as neither of us had a scope as we had not planned on going there today.

We then went over to the other side of the bay to look for Black Redstarts. We parked and walked down through the houses with no luck. Over onto the barrage where we bumped into Gareth Jenkins who was also looking for the gulls and was also dipping. We had another chat and then walked back where a local birder had just found a female Black Redstart so saving our trip.


  1. I'm glad you and Martin had something to show for your efforts. I made my first and probably only attempt at the Little Bunting, this morning and also dipped. I couldn't work out which hide I should be in, so had to alternate between them, but there was very little to see from either and definitely no Little Bunting while I was there.

  2. There are three hides altogether. The one with the Little Bunting is by the warden's hut near the river Taff. We didn't know that this hide even existed before the Little Bunting was found.

  3. Have you seen the Great Grey Shrike is back above the country park .

  4. Thanks for that, Phil. I was confused by mentions of a feeding station and wondered if there might be a third hide, but there is no mention of one on the information board or on the website. Perhaps next weekend, if I can spare the time.

    Is the GGS in the forestry between the Maerdy mountain road and Tarren y Bwllfa, Martin?

  5. Cheers mark and got no time and till sunday now to check if still there .

  6. yes mark on glam site found by colin Richards

  7. Shrike found saturday at the same site as 2011 above the country park

  8. I didn't find out about that shrike until it had long gone, so I don't know where it was, but if I get the chance, I'll try the old burnt section of forest, South of the Tarren, as that seems most likely.Thanks for the alert Martin.

  9. yes mark that where it is in burn section.

  10. also so in Llan wood with a singing Male Blackcap and did not show it,s self.