Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Snow Pellets and Candlesnuff

It was interesting today, to see snow pellets falling. There isn't anything unusual about snow pellets falling during wintry showers, but it was interesting to see their characteristic cone shape (like miniature space capsules) and soft consistency, as opposed to hail which only falls from thunder clouds (Cumulonimbus) and is round and hard.

Snow Pellet

I also came across the tiny relative of the Candlesnuff fungus; Xylaria carpophila, or Beechmast Candlesnuff, which is only to be found on old, decaying beech mast husks. It is supposed to be common, but being so small and hard to spot amongst the jumble of litter below the trees, it is very easy to overlook.

Xylaria carpophila

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  1. Nice read mark and i will have a look to see if i can find it.