Monday, 5 September 2016

Abercwmboi Lake

Had a quick walk around the old Phurnacite Plant and as always shows how brilliant Brownfield sites are with the wildlife making the most of it. I finallly got close to the swans and the six young are looking really good and well. I have been told the two youngsters from last year are no longer in Aberdare park and have moved on. Has I walked around the site it was drizzling and it shows how fast things move on, when it stopped and I had loads of Speckled Woods, a single Painted Lady and this cracking Red Admiral.

When I was walking around the old feeder pond I noticed this fly, it was doing a funny display flight and was catching the light and it looked really good. There were three flies there and this one keep coming back to the same spot. I have been told it's one of the Stilt Legged flies, Argyra sp still trying to find out which one.
Still loads of Scorpion flies about to and what a strange looking fly, it almost looks like it was last in the line for body parts in the beginning and had what was left.
Nice too see a great bit of colour with the brambles looking very smart .
 When watching the swans I noticed this dead fish, it does not look like trout so any ideas .

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