Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Penmoelallt Nature Reserve

On Sunday after a hard days work I decided to take the dogs for a walk and could not get my family out of their seats, I even tried to take the televison remote but I had no chance. I thought I wanted a change and have been to Bryn Du too many times. Since the new sign to stay out and I met the owner who said it's a private road I said I thought it was a right of way to the Forestry. To cut a long story short he said as long as people clean up after their dogs he was fine for people to go though there. I would like to find out if it is private and if he can keep you out. Right back to Penmoelallt and as I had not been there for a bit I thought yes that will do. Bird wise it was very quiet and all I saw was a Common Buzzard and a Raven. It definitely felt like autumn, I only saw one Speckled Wood butterfly and no dragonflies. I started to look for the Alder Tongue fungus and it was in the same area as last year. One tree was covered but the trees around it had no fungus.

 I had a quick look at the back and found these logs and thought the look brilliant covered in moss.

Nice too see the two Badgers are still whole and looking good. Last thing I found was this waxcap in the woods below and thought looks great with a lovely bit of colour and any ideas. After last weeks post I am trying not to moan and talk about food, this is my last post for two weeks so it's up to you lot guys and Mike too put some stuff on.


  1. Have a good one Martin, I'm not jealous one bit !!!!

  2. It's in RCT, so you need to contact the RCT Rights of Way officer. I don't know his name, but I do know that he works in the same office as Richard Wistow.